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Baltimore, Maryland

Lightning Express Delivery & Distribution Inc. (“Lightning Express” or the “Company”),, to identify strategic investment opportunities. Lightning is focused on identifying acquisitions and strategic partnerships that would expand and improve its geographic coverage and delivery density in order to strengthen the Company’s position as a leading delivery and freight service provider in the eastern U.S. Lightning is specifically interested in companies with a strong presence in the Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania markets. Lightning has the ability to consummate a transaction quickly and fund a transaction from internally generated cash flow.

Overview of Lightning Express Delivery & Distribution Inc.

Founded in 1999 and based in Baltimore, MD, Lighting provides contract delivery drivers, direct hot shot, fleet replacement, and supplementation, courier deliveries, and a variety of direct freight services to a variety of customers. Lightning serves customers in a number of different industries, including the automotive, airline, construction, food distribution, medical/healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. With access to a nationwide network of owner-operator drivers, Lightning is able to serve customers in metro, suburban, and rural areas; domestic and international. Lightning provides 24/7 customer service and offers customers the ability to book orders online or over-the-phone, and receive on-demand status updates.

A strategic partnership is an agreed-upon collaboration between businesses with common missions. Although partnerships can take on a number of objectives and levels of formality depending upon the nature of the agreement, the overall goal of strategic partnerships is to share resources in a way that promotes growth for all partners.

Types of Strategic Partnerships

Type Function
Horizontal Businesses in the same area (i.e. competitors) agree to collaborate in a way that will improve their market position.
Vertical A business collaborates with companies in its supply chain (its suppliers and/or distributors). Vertical partnerships often allow businesses to minimize risk in the supply chain and obtain lower prices in exchange for long-term commitment. Also known as channel partnerships or supply chain partnerships.
Intersectional Businesses from different areas agree to share their special knowledge for the advancement of all partners.
Joint Venture Two or more businesses form a new company. The new company is its own legal entity, and its profits are split according to terms spelled out in a formal contract.
Equity A company acquires a minor equity stake in another business in exchange for a monetary investment. Such exchanges can accompany other types of collaboration and, to a certain extent, agreed-upon access to decision making.

Supply Chain and Channel Partnerships

Supply chain partnerships, also known as channel partnerships, occur between buyers and sellers at every level of the supply chain. Participants in supply chain partnerships include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, raw goods suppliers and more.

Through channel partnerships, businesses move their relationships beyond one-off buying and selling transactions and develop methods of collaboration to create more stable and efficient supply chains that lead to increased sales. Channel partnership agreements allow for the open sharing of sales information, pricing data and best sales strategies. For example, just in time inventory allows retailers to communicate in real-time with their suppliers and distributors to maintain an inventory of needed products to be delivered “just in time”.

  • Identify Inefficiencies

    Pinpoint areas where legacy technology is hindering growth within your company, such as partially digitized processes, limited visibility, poor response time, conflicting priorities and impersonal delivery.

  • Implement New Technologies and Tech-Driven Platforms

    Develop intelligent supply chain integrations that are fast, flexible and fit for the future by leveraging digital technologies such as AI, cognitive computing, and machine learning.

  • Reinventing Our Industry

    Invest in new technologies and tech-driven platforms to seize growth opportunities, optimize innovation cycle-time and improve responsiveness.

  • The Way Forward

    If you’ve been contemplating selling your business or would like to explore the benefits of a strategic partnership please contact our M&A department in confidence, to assess the strategic fit and your interest in a potential transaction with Lightning Express.

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