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Want Affordable And On-Time Routed Delivery Services?

Get Them BOTH When You Choose Lightning Express For Your Scheduled Delivery Needs throughout Baltimore, Philadelphia and D.C.!

  • Route Optimizer Tool with GPS enabled drivers
  • Efficient routes save YOU time and money!
  • Detailed route information with accurate stop order and timing
  • Track each package in real-time via mobile and online
  • Dedicated Courier – Your customers and staff will know their driver
  • Dedicated Route Managers with committed backup

Get On-Time Delivery!

Receive a lightning-fast quote on all of your scheduled delivery needs!

Affordable, On-Time Scheduled Courier Services

Routed DeliveryIf your delivery needs are regular, you need reliable Routed Delivery services from Lightning Express. From single documents like architectural drawings, to interoffice and bulk mail deliveries, our dedicated delivery services are customized to meet your business’s needs.

Using state-of-the-art technology that uses actual driving time, we create fast, efficient routes that ensure on-time deliveries while saving you money.

Our Delivery Area

At Lightning Express we provide the most advanced, reliable, on-time delivery service available in our industry. Our delivery area covers the mid-atlantic including: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas.

Get On-Time Delivery!