Critical Parts Delivery and Flexible On-Demand Warehousing

If your business’s continuation – and therefore success – depends on mission-critical parts, you know that every second you’re down is like throwing away money. Planes are grounded. Production ceases. And everything just seems to grind to a halt.

However, if you have a contingency plan in place to get operations back up as quickly as possible, you can minimize downtime, save money, and continue to serve your customers business-as-usual.

You can accomplish this by having a critical parts delivery or flexible on-demand warehouse plan in place.

What Is Critical Parts Delivery?

critical parts delivery baltimore dc
Lightning Express Offers Critical Parts Delivery

Between 60 and 70 percent of service calls require spare parts. Even the practice of securing a “service contact” complicates spare parts logistics. Service contracts usually stipulate certain levels of service demanding a repair be made in 24 hours, four hours, or even sooner.

That’s fine if you can wait that long. But most businesses would rather be up and running far sooner. That means a scramble to get the right parts on location as quickly as possible.

By partnering with Lightning Express, you can ensure immediate delivery of spare parts in one of two ways:
1. You can store spare parts in our 24-hour secure, climate-controlled warehouse in Baltimore for immediate dispatch to your breakdown location 24/7. Or,
2. You can use our 24/7 on-demand shipping services to pick up spare parts from one location and deliver them to your breakdown location.

What Is  Flexible On-Demand Warehousing?

On-demand warehouse service saves time and valuable resources, eliminating the need to invest in Warehouse space, Technology, Equipment & Staff.

We manage the labor, space and systems in order to provide you the agility to surge your supply chain and reach your market’s demands. Then when peak seasons are over you can flex back down to mitigate carrying costs in your supply chain. Finished Goods, Parts, Raw Materials, Vendor-Managed Inventory Operations, Value Added services, Returns, Reverse Logistics , Special Projects and Consumer Goods.

Alternatively, you can choose to take advantage of our first mile, last mile same-day trucking services to finish delivery of your goods throughout the Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia areas.

Get A Lightning-Fast Quote On A Critical Parts Contingency Plan

You never know when you’re going to break down. But having a plan in place will minimize the financial impact and ensure you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in a critical parts delivery or flexible  on-demand warehousing contingency plan in the Baltimore, DC or Philadelphia area, contact Lightning Express for an instant quote at (410) 477-6100.

Same Day Trucking & Freight Services Without The City Hassle

The tight downtown city streets of Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC are not conducive to large trucks and tractor trailers. But when freight has to be delivered, many truckers have no choice, especially when the delivery is time-sensitive or at a scheduled appointment time.

If your aggravated truckers are tired of driving into the city, there is a better way to do first mile, last mile deliveries. Same day trucking and freight services from Lightning Express allow your drivers to unload at our warehouse in Baltimore, day or night, and our dedicated couriers take it from there.

24 Hour Secure Warehouse Services

Our secure climate controlled warehouse in Baltimore accepts deliveries 24 hours per day and is under 24 hour video surveillance. If your goods arrive early and need to be stored for a few days before being shipped, we have the space, technology, and staff to securely store any size load. Lightning Express is OSHA and HIPAA compliant and TSA certified to ensure proper handling and security of your goods.

Pool Distribution & Cross-Docking

When your freight has multiple destinations, our pool distribution and cross-docking services provide fast, reliable same-day and next-day deliveries. By minimizing handling, you reduce driver liability and claim potential, ultimately reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Modern Fleet & Experienced Drivers

No matter what size load you have, our modern fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles can accommodate it. We have an extensive fleet that includes box trucks, city vans and sprinters equipped with lift gates to handle everything from pharmaceuticals to raw materials for manufacturing.

Lightning Express ensures all drivers and carriers are properly insured and are compliant with local DOT regulations. Drivers are put through a strict vetting process that includes reference gathering, personnel interviews and equipment inspections.

Learn More About Freight Broker Partnerships At Lightning Express

For regional, same-day trucking throughout Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC, trust Lightning Express to handle your first mile, last mile deliveries on time, every time. Contact us as (410) 477-6100 to learn more about freight broker partnerships at Lightning.

Routed Delivery Saves Your Business Time and Money

If your delivery needs are regular, routed delivery services can save your company time and money while improving your supply chain and workflow efficiency.

Is Routed Delivery Right for You?

Having a dedicated courier is ideal if you have deliveries that go to the same customers at the same time each day or even each week. Utilizing the same drivers helps to ensure your deliveries are completed efficiently on-time every time without the worry of mistakes. Some of the more common industries that benefit from routed delivery include:

  • Healthcare – Specimens to and from laboratories/Blood work/Diagnostics
  • Attorneys – Inter-office mail correspondence and supplies
  • Architects – Drawings to and from professional service provides/clients
  • Corporate – Interoffice mail, supplies and payroll
  • Pharmaceuticals – Delivery to patients and long term care facilities
  • Manufacturing – Critical parts replacment and fulfillment
  • And much more

Timing and customization are important factors when considering routed delivery. If your deliveries are very time-sensitive, being squeezed in with other routes with guaranteed “end of business day” delivery will not work. A scheduled delivery ensures your package arrives at a specific time every day or week. And because your route is dedicated to your business, it can be customized with stops in the order of your choosing.

Benefits of Routed Delivery

Scalable and Flexible – your scheduled delivery grows or contracts as the needs of your business change. You will pay a flat rate for your scheduled delivery services, versus paying per package and getting a general delivery time “window” like you would with the USPS or other major delivery company. You can change your route at any time, adding or removing stops to suit your needs.

Route Optimizer Tool – optimizes your delivery route for maximum efficiency. Instead of simply looking at the mileage between two stops, a route optimizer takes into consideration the day, time, and expected traffic conditions in order to locate the fastest and most efficient course between point A and point B. A faster, more efficient route saves you time and money.

Real-Time Tracking – view the status of your deliveries in real-time via mobile or online. With GPS enabled drivers and detailed route information, you will know precisely when your time-sensitive packages arrive.

Dedicated Courier & Route Managers with Backup – you will have the same delivery person and route manager on your route every time. Your customers and staff will get to know the driver, ensuring a smooth and speedy delivery process.

Lightning Express Provides Reliable Routed Delivery to The Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia Areas

Lightning Express provides dedicated couriers to corporations throughout the DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia areas. We provide the most advanced, reliable, on-time delivery service available in our industry. When combined with efficient routes and dedicated couriers, Lightning Express is able to offer incredibly affordable services and save your business money.

Get a lightning-fast quote on your routed delivery needs when you call 410-477-6100 or complete our online quote request.

Professional courier delivery service in the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. area

The most reliable same day delivery service in the mid-continent area.

Lightning Express is a premier Baltimore based messenger and courier service that is committed to providing first-class messenger services to its customers around the clock. With reasonable rates on a consistent basis, we enable our customers – Legal, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, and more- to prosper by delivering their products on time in a professional manner. We will continuously challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing leading edge courier and messenger solutions to their needs.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction. We know that your courier and shipping needs change, so we offer the customization necessary to satisfy your unique delivery requirements. Your delivery deadlines will be met with professional, speedy, efficient, reliable and individual service. We make it our aim to maintain the highest customer satisfaction with our delivery service. It is this superior customer service that continues to be the hallmark of our courier and messenger success and is the main ingredient that prompts our long list of repeat customers to call us again and again with their most discriminating delivery and courier needs.

What do we deliver?

All kinds of stuff! In addition to mail, documents, design proofs, and bank deposits, we serve the medical field, law offices, Human Resources, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, dry goods, and electronics industries. If you’d like something large or out of the ordinary delivered, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote.

How do we deliver it?

All of our packages are handled with utmost care and concern. Once an order is placed, a licensed and insured driver will schedule your pick-up time and promptly route the package to its destination. We are happy to accommodate any size package with either a car, van, SUV, transit van, or box truck.

How much does delivery cost?

Our rates are determined by the pick-up and drop off locations and delivery speed. Other surcharges may apply, depending on what you would like delivered. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 410.477.6100

How do I properly prepare my delivery?

Please package your items as if you were mailing them. Include the following information with your item: Recipient’s name and complete address (including zip code and suite number, if applicable). Phone numbers are very helpful. The more information, the better.

Give us a call to set up your same day delivery service today!