Routed Delivery Saves Your Business Time and Money

If your delivery needs are regular, routed delivery services can save your company time and money while improving your supply chain and workflow efficiency.

Is Routed Delivery Right for You?

Having a dedicated courier is ideal if you have deliveries that go to the same customers at the same time each day or even each week. Utilizing the same drivers helps to ensure your deliveries are completed efficiently on-time every time without the worry of mistakes. Some of the more common industries that benefit from routed delivery include:

  • Healthcare – Specimens to and from laboratories/Blood work/Diagnostics
  • Attorneys – Inter-office mail correspondence and supplies
  • Architects – Drawings to and from professional service provides/clients
  • Corporate – Interoffice mail, supplies and payroll
  • Pharmaceuticals – Delivery to patients and long term care facilities
  • Manufacturing – Critical parts replacment and fulfillment
  • And much more

Timing and customization are important factors when considering routed delivery. If your deliveries are very time-sensitive, being squeezed in with other routes with guaranteed “end of business day” delivery will not work. A scheduled delivery ensures your package arrives at a specific time every day or week. And because your route is dedicated to your business, it can be customized with stops in the order of your choosing.

Benefits of Routed Delivery

Scalable and Flexible – your scheduled delivery grows or contracts as the needs of your business change. You will pay a flat rate for your scheduled delivery services, versus paying per package and getting a general delivery time “window” like you would with the USPS or other major delivery company. You can change your route at any time, adding or removing stops to suit your needs.

Route Optimizer Tool – optimizes your delivery route for maximum efficiency. Instead of simply looking at the mileage between two stops, a route optimizer takes into consideration the day, time, and expected traffic conditions in order to locate the fastest and most efficient course between point A and point B. A faster, more efficient route saves you time and money.

Real-Time Tracking – view the status of your deliveries in real-time via mobile or online. With GPS enabled drivers and detailed route information, you will know precisely when your time-sensitive packages arrive.

Dedicated Courier & Route Managers with Backup – you will have the same delivery person and route manager on your route every time. Your customers and staff will get to know the driver, ensuring a smooth and speedy delivery process.

Lightning Express Provides Reliable Routed Delivery to The Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia Areas

Lightning Express provides dedicated couriers to corporations throughout the DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia areas. We provide the most advanced, reliable, on-time delivery service available in our industry. When combined with efficient routes and dedicated couriers, Lightning Express is able to offer incredibly affordable services and save your business money.

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